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30th Semi-Annual Austin Music Co. Recital

Hosted by:
Gulfview United Methodist Church
245 Wisteria Lane, Panama City Beach FL, 32413

Theme from Pink Panther
 Henry Mancini
London Bridge
Traditional English Nursery Rhyme
When the Saints Go Marching In
James M. Black
The Final Countdown
Heart & Soul
Frank Loesser & Hoagy Carmichael
Rain on the Roof
John Thompson
Clair De Lune 
Claude Debussy
My Favorite Things 
Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein
Love Story
 Francis Lai
Ode to Joy
Theme From Symphony No. 5
 Ludwig Beethoven
Duet with Nannerl
 W.A. Mozart
The Wish
 Ariana DeBose
The man in the moon
 John Thompson
Chanson Triste
Alto Saxophone
Autumn from the Four Seasons
 Antonio Vivaldi
From a Wigwam
 John Thompson 
Concerto for 2 Violins in D minor, BWV 1043
 J.S. Bach
Fur Elise
 Ludwig van Beethoven
Sky's a neighborhood
 Foo Fighters
Uptown Funk
 Mark Ronson
The Fairy Court
 John Thompson
Autumn Leaves
 Joseph Kosma
Alto Saxophone
Mason Spurlock
Sweet Home Alabama
 Lynyrd Skynyrd
Cello Suite No. 3 in C major, BWV 1009
 J.S. Bach
C Major Warmup with Mario Bros Theme Song
 Koji Kondo
Todd Baldridge
Yankee Doodle
 Francois-Joseph Gossec
From Mazurka op. 67 No. 3: A Birthday Present
 Frederick Chopin
Trumpet Voluntary
 Jeremiah Clark
Aura Lee
 W.W. Fosdick & George R. Poulton
Original Song
 Hannah Whaley
Yellow Submarine
 The Beatles
Moon River
 Johnny Mercer& Henry Mancini
Love Song
 Robert Smith
Fly Me to the Moon
 Bart Howard
Home on the Range
Swans on the Lake
 John Thompson
Zara Hale is 8 years old and was born in West Chester, PA. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones, engaging in fun activities like playing on the monkey bars and soaking up the sun at the beach. When it comes to food, her ultimate favorite is crabs.
Catherine has been studying piano for two years. She started her piano journey here, in Panama City Beach, under the keen guidance of Seth. Catherine has interest in other musical instruments such as the cello and would eventually like to be able to play piano with a Church choir.

Abigail Abesamis Demarest is a professional writer and editor who moved to Panama City Beach from Long Island, New York, in 2019. She started playing the violin in the 3rd grade, and continued to play in various school-affiliated ensembles, chamber ensembles and pit orchestras (including The Wizard of Oz and Les Misérables) through college. After a 10+ year hiatus, Abigail picked up the violin in August 2023 and was delighted to learn that the gift of music can stay with you even after all these years. She plays with the Panama City Youth Orchestra, solo gigs under the name Swift Strings, and continues to brush up her skills and music theory knowledge thanks to Austin Music Co.
Brayden has always had a love for music.  During his elementary years, he started taking piano lessons.  He quickly gravitated towards the bass guitar.  Brayden also plays the trombone along with the drums.  He participates in the Surfside Middle School Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Hammerhead Band.  Brayden also plays bass guitar at 5 Bridges Church where he attends, both in the worship team and kids worship services.  He makes music apart of his everyday life!
Eden Westergaard is an 11 year old homeschooled student. She first started on the violin, which she studied for over four years until recently switching to the saxophone. She hopes to start band at Breakfast Point Academy next year as a sixth grade student. In her free time, Eden likes to play Roblox, spend time with her standard poodle, Taffy, and weave on her loom. She also has a huge passion for cooking and baking, and even has her own set of appliances and tools to use in her endeavors. Upon graduating from high school, she would like to study science at university or become a chef.
Creative at heart, Elle Monroe has spent the past year honing her musical talents under the direction of Ms. Kim at the Austin Music Company. She has enjoyed the challenge of the piano and has developed a love for singing while playing.
Elliot is 8 years old and in the 2nd grade. He has been playing the piano for 2 years, and this is his first year taking lessons at Austin Music Co. Elliot enjoys finding the best cheeseburger in PCB, reading books, and playing video games and sports. His favorites are baseball, football, and golf. 
Gabriel has been playing violin for seven years and started learning while he lived in southern Ontario, Canada. He has continued his violin studies, along with his brother, and sees himself playing violin as a pass-time and enriched hobby for the rest of his life. Gabriel has no idea what he would like to do with the rest of his life, but standup comedian seems likely.
Henry was born in Norfolk, VA, but moved to Florida in 2015. He started taking piano lessons in late 2023. He’ll be going into 7th grade this next year, and is excited to continue exploring his love for Classical music.
Leandre has been playing violin for eight years. He started playing violin while we lived in southern Ontario, Canada. He has continued his studies with Seth at Austin Music, for the past two years. Leandre is graduating grade school and will be starting high school this fall. He intends on continuing his musical studies by making it a lifelong pursuit. Leandre aspires to become an Airforce officer.
Mikaela Westergaard is a thirteen year old homeschooled student. She started learning the flute at almost eight years old; although she did take a short break to learn violin, it merely increased her passion for the flute. She is currently enrolled in the Advanced Band class at Breakfast Point Academy and was just recently selected to be a part of the Middle School All-County Honor Band. Mikaela, enjoys playing Minecraft and Roblox in her free time, as well as baking and reading. She loves Anime and music. After graduating from high school, she plans on attending college and although she does not know what she wants to study, she does dreams of opening a café.
Owen McCaw was born in Panama City Beach in 2014 and started taking drum lessons when he was five. He has been introduced to jazz drum beats this year and plays in two jazz bands: Blue Birds and Jazz Hands. Owen also enjoys playing the piano, reading books and playing soccer.
Easton was born in Dothan, AL. He has been an honor roll student at Huchison Beach Elementary for the last 6 years. This year, Easton participated as a member of the running club and a safety patrol monitor. Easton came to the Fine arts academy a year ago to learn to play the piano. He also takes guitar lessons at home from his dad in his off time. When Easton graduates high school he has aspirations of joining the United States military. In his off time he enjoys playing basketball, building with Legos and listening to his favorite band Imagine Dragons. 
Hannah is the youngest of five children. Having been born in Morehead City, NC, she is the only out of the children to be born outside of Florida. In a large family, she shines out as a song writer and a musician. Hannah is an up coming senior under Rocky Bayou Christian School’s umbrella program, and is excited to be finishing her high school career in May of 2025.  Following high school, Hannah plans to devote more time developing her songwriting and polishing her instrumental skills.
Marlee has a love to perform and has the personality to back it up!  She started playing piano during her elementary years.  She has since played violin, ukulele, drums, and piano.  Marlee has been playing saxophone for almost 10 months.  Marlee participates in Surfside Middle School’s Beginning Band and Choir.  She recently participated in Solo & Ensemble where she received a Superior rating.  Marlee also participates in kids worship services at 5 Bridges Church where she attends.  Her love for music is evident! 
Adalyn is 10 years old and in the 4th grade. She has been playing the piano for 4 years, and this is her first year taking lessons at Austin Music Co. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, playing Minecraft, riding her bike, playing tennis, eating sushi, reading, and listening to audio books. Her favorites are adventure and fantasy stories.
On a hot October day in 2016, Wilder Gray Standley (aka Walter) was born. Previously a student of the Tree House Montessori School, currently enrolled at Dune Lakes Elementary School, Wilder is in the first grade. He enjoys playing Roblox, driving Seth crazy and eating bacon. For Christmas in 2022, Wilder requested that Santa bring him a red electric guitar. Santa delivered. After what felt like thousands of hours of listening to Wilder attempt the guitar, his parents felt it was best that he take lessons, and maybe practice on an acoustic guitar. Tonight, you will hear Wilder perform Ode to Joy on repeat. We don’t know what the future holds for Wilder, but we know it isn’t sports or public performances.
Dean Conley was born on July 18, 2014, in Pensacola, Florida. He is a very talented 9-year boy who is currently in the fourth grade and achieving AB honor roll status.
 For the past three years, under the tutelage of Miss Kim, Dean has excelled in his musical pursuits. Specializing in the piano while also mastering the guitar and ukulele, his unwavering passion for music drives his continuous growth and proficiency in playing various instruments.
 Dean has recently attained the first Webelos rank in Cub Scouts. This is a testament to his commitment, hard work, and burgeoning leadership skills. In addition to his musical and scouting endeavors, Dean has immersed himself in the world of collecting rare and collectible coins and bills. His collection grows monthly as he invests his own hard earned money in expanding it, showcasing his curiosity, appreciation for unique
treasures, and financial responsibility.
 Dean's infectious love for music inspires those around him to pursue their passions with equal fervor. His parents are immensely proud and grateful to have such an extraordinary son who continues to astonish them with his achievements and character growth. Dean's family eagerly anticipate witnessing his continued growth and success in the years to come, confident that he will continue to make a positive impact on the world around him. They extend their gratitude to Mrs. Kim for her invaluable help and knowledge in teaching Dean.
 Zaine was born on the coldest night of 2013 in Chicago. Now, he lives in the Sunshine State and enjoys his favorite sports year-round.
 Zaine has had a musical ear since he was in the womb, always kicking when music is close to him. He started piano lessons at age 4, and now he can recreate almost any song he hears on the radio.
 Zaine is almost done with elementary school and is looking forward to starting new adventures at Surfside Middle School this fall. He is excited about performing the Pink Panther duet alongside Miss Kim and sharing it with this audience.
Paxton was born in Newport Beach, California and soon moved to Waterbury, Vermont where he grew up. Paxton is now 9 and lives in Panama City Beach, Florida. He started playing ukulele at age 7, and transitioned into playing piano at Austin Music Co. He is in 4th grade at Ohana Institute where he participates in clubs such as: team sports, gaming, and more. He is also in band where he plays the piano at school concerts.  When he graduates, he wants to go to college and become a Zookeeper.
Fiorella Aznaran was born in Panama City, Florida, on February 16, 2016, she is 8 years old. She studies at Rising Leaders Academy, and has finished second grade. In 2022 she began studying the piano since she saw her sister and began to imitate her. Her sister was her inspiration. 
Her hobbies are painting and made mazes puzzles. She likes to ask about everything and she always has a conversation to start talking. She is very collaborative and a good helper. She always has a voice to encourage others.  She is stubborn and dramatic but is also a very loving and tender girl. She is a very happy girl! 
Gabriela Aznaran, was born in Barranquilla Colombia on March 20, 2010, she is 14 years old. She studies at Rising Leaders Academy and has finished eighth grade. Beginning in 2016 she began studying piano and violin. Gaby is a very dedicated, studious and intelligent girl. Her hobbies are crafts and everything related to skin care. She is persistent (stubborn) and a little shy. She is a sweet, analytical girl and she really likes playing the piano.

Willow Liebsch is a casual ukulele player born in Dallas, Texas. She loves music and has been playing ukulele for a few years. She is passionate about the topic and is also interested in the arts. 

Allison wants to be a bird biologist, she enjoys tap dancing and bird watching
Libby killick is a 2nd year trombone player. Libby was graded superior in her state solo ensemble judging and won most elite in her concert band program at school this year. She plays in the Surfside middle school jazz band and carries an A average in advanced classes. This year, she participated In a recording program at Universal studios where she played music from the movie Pet's 3 and was recorded by universal studios recording team. 
Donna was born in the United Kingdom. She came to Austin Music Co in 2020 during the height of the pandemic as she was becoming bored at home and wanted to pursue a new hobby. Donna is currently taking piano lessons with Kim and wants to learn how to play the guitar in the next few years. When Donna is not playing the piano she enjoys sketching anime characters and reading.
Serena Was raised in Panama City Beach, FL. After playing flute in middle and High School, she's now happily learning ukulele and guitar!
Lia O'Ferrall, a remarkable nine-year-old student, has always possessed a strong passion for learning and exploring new things. Lately, she has dedicated several years to honing her skills in music and dance, displaying talent in both. Her involvement with the Austin Music School has further ignited her creativity and love for the arts. During her free time, Lia enjoys immersing herself in music, reading, traveling, and spending quality time with her family and friends
I'm 12 years old, play soccer, and like to learn piano and math.
Calvin Lopez
From Key West, FL
I love Music ????,
I have played R&B, Rock, and Blues in many bands for many years.
I'm not going to say how many years ????
We moved to Panama City, to be near the grandkids.
I love Austin music store not only for the amazing products but for the great people like Mike and Seth.
Meadow began taking piano lessons in March of 2023 with Ms. Kim and we all agree that Ms. Kim is the best!! Meadow is confident in her piano playing and doesn’t hesitate to approach a piano in any given place and play a tune for all to hear.
Vivien Bradley is in the fourth grade and loves music, art and dance. She has been dancing since she was 3 years old and currently takes Ballet and Modern at 30a Ballet. She began taking guitar from Ms. Kim when she was 8 and has since transitioned to piano. Her love of music continues to grow the more she learns of the piano. In her free time she loves to listen to Elton John, Dolly Parton and The Beatles.
Rachel Dean is twenty years old. She loves to play her guitar, dance, sing, and she aspires to be a runway model. Her dream is to show the world how amazing she is by appearing on America’s Got Talent. She is homeschooled, and family is important to her.
Rachel is the current Florida Miss Amazing Teen. She will compete in the National Miss Amazing Pageant in Chicago in July. Her picture has appeared on the Jumbotron in New York Times Square, as part of the National Down Syndrome Society’s showcase.
Rachel also loves to travel. She has been to New York, London, Chicago, Ireland, Nassau, Jamaica, and Mexico. DisneyWorld is her “second home” and she hopes to move closer to the Disney parks with her family. She loves to go on cruises with her mother and her sisters.
Hawk is excited to perform at today's recital. He has been learning guitar for about 2 years and loves playing music. When he's not practicing, he enjoys playing basketball at the park, spending time with family, and playing his Playstation. He is grateful to his family and his guitar teacher for their support and encouragement. Enjoy the performance!
Inah Loves Bowling  with friends, Special Olympics, Video Games
And  her Music!
Bruce Bryant, age 10, is thrilled to begin his introduction to music this year with Austin Music Company.  Bruce was born in Santa Rosa Beach, FL and currently is enrolled in 4th grade at West Bay Elementary School.  Bruce loves good beats, and he is excited to learn how to play the keyboard.   Ultimately, Bruce would like to create music for his online games.  Bruce also enjoys karate with his brother and playing with his Bassett Hound, Val.
Alex Napier is a singer/songwriter born in Huntington West Virginia. After moving to South Central Kentucky as a teen, Alex received a “juke joint education” in a vast variety of music. Bluegrass, gospel, country, rock , and blues are undoubtedly the biggest influences in his formative years of artistic development. At 21 years old Alex quit his day job to pursue music full time. Quickly learning that relocating was gonna be inevitable, he landed in Panama City Beach Florida where he has played over 300 shows a year. Alex Napier & Daybreak, a trio of the highest level musicians, have original music on all major streaming platforms and have toured and played all over the country. As well as touring and making a living, Alex Napier & DayBreak have raised money for Veterans and Disaster victims in multiple states and scenarios.